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Instructor Training & Lineage Preservation Program

This Program is designed for those Students who are certain they want a career as a professional Martial Artist, and those Students who may not want a career in the Martial Arts, however do want the skill sets of a professional Instructor to enhance their career, family and overall life by living the principles of Kung Fu in their everyday lives.

The Instructor Training and Lineage Preservation Program is formulated to suit three different populations within the Student Body: Youths, Teens and Adults. Students must apply for acceptance into the Program, be recommended by a minimum of three Instructors or Assistant Instructors, and they must fulfill certain rank and training requirements before they may be considered for the Program.

Masters Path Program

This Program is designed for committed members of the academy who wish to pursue a Path of Self-Mastery, making Kung Fu an integral part of their overall lifestyle to enhance their health and success.

The Masters Path Program covers curriculum from the White Belt Level to 5th Degree Black Belt, including all Black Belt Program Training, plus comprehensive instruction and training in Northern Shaolin Long Fist, Xing Yi, Wing Tsun, Bagwa, Tai Chi and other exotic Kung Fu forms. It also features training in 18 traditional weapons, wooden man and body opponent bag applications, and eligibility for Instructor Training and accelerated rank advancement, subject to approval by a Master Instructor.

Black Belt Program

This Program is designed for committed members of the academy who wish to pursue a Black Belt. It covers White Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt Curriculum based on the traditional Southern Shaolin Tiger & Crane; self-defense applications, basic weapons (Sword and Staff) and iron rings training, Protech sparring, the 5 Elemental Life Skills, and the 8 Life Principles of Success.

Basic Training Program

This Program is designed for Guest Students with or without previous Martial Arts experience. It covers White Belt to Green Belt curriculum consisting of fundamental Martial Arts skills, including stances, strikes, blocks and kicks, practical self-defense skills, physical conditioning and Black Belt Attitude training. A prerequisite for United Kung Fu membership, the Basic Training Program is designed to determine if membership is right for the student. Therefore, the goal of the Basic Training Guest Program is for the student to EARN the Privilege of an Invitation into one of the membership Programs, and the maximum duration of the program is 3 months.

Kung Fu Conditioning Program

The Morning Kung Fu Conditioning Program consists of both a Basic Training Program, and Black Belt Program, with additional training for core development, strength, balance and flexibility. The Black Belt Program in the morning focuses on a 1st Degree Black Belt in Northern Shaolin Long Fist and Staff Weapons forms.

Little Tigers Program

The Little Tigers Program was developed to meet the needs and learning requirements of younger youth students, ages 4 to 6. The classes are structured to teach these younger students focus, discipline, coordination, balance, respect and courtesy while learning the basics of Kung Fu in a fun environment!

Womens’ Self-Defense Seminars

United Kung Fu offers Womens’ Self-Defense Seminars on a seasonal basis, to its female students and members of the community. There is no charge for these seminars. The staff at United Kung Fu has chosen to give back to the community in an ongoing manner in this way. Every woman who learns how to protect themselves and those they love contributes to making this a safer world for all of us.