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  • Students of All Ages

    All of our classes are structured to meet the needs of students of all ages (4-94) and abilities.

  • Self-Mastery

    The greater the goal, the more a student accomplishes in their stretch for excellence and Self-Mastery. Here students are doing straight legged stretch kicks as part of a warm up for a graduation ceremony.
  • Life Skills

    Focus, Courage, Persistent Action, Balance and Creativity are only some of the life skills our students train to enhance their lives and the lives of their families. In this picture are some of the future leaders that we have trained at our academy.
  • Habits for Success

    Attention to detail is essential for a successful life. This picture shows Master Instructor Jerry Dibble training one of our future leaders to help her develop the habits and mindset necessary for success.
  • Focused Mind

    Training Kung Fu demands the student develops a strong focus, which then transfers to an enhanced ability to focus on the tasks at hand in other parts of their lives. In this picture, students are training in the first section of Northern Shaolin Longfist.
  • Build Strength

    Building physical strength and strength of character, one Black Belt at a time. Here the students are arrow fist punching while in a horse stance during a Black Belt Graduation.

  • Balance and Self-Control

    Training Physical Balance and Self-Control lead to a more balanced life emotionally, mentally and physically. Stop the roller coaster and take back control of your life. This is White Crane Spreads Its Wings from Yang Style Tai Chi.
  • Achieve Success

    Students hone and refine their self-defense applications on the Body Opponent Bags and the Wooden Men to help them develop the ability to overcome obstacles in their lives and achieve success in all their endeavors
  • Health and Longevity

    Master Instructor Jerry Dibble teaches the Delta Certified Instructor Trainees the seated Tai Chi & Wellness protocols for Health and Longevity. Tai Chi has been shown to have numerous benefits to student’s physical and mental well being.


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Welcome to United Kung Fu!

At United Kung Fu, we help our Students develop, hone, and refine the skills needed to deal effectively with the challenges and complexities of everyday life on their path to Self-Mastery.

Our Students’ lives are enriched and enhanced through their training in the following ways:

  • Positive behavioral changes & leadership skills
  • Increased attention to courtesy & respect
  • Bolstered self-confidence & self-image
  • Improved focus & productivity at work & school
  • Better health, vitality, flexibility and physical conditioning. (Click to see more benefits)

Benefits for Children include:
Self-Confidence Physical Fitness Self-Discipline Self-Defense
Self-Esteem Weight Control Concentration Safety
Assertiveness Strength Respect Confidence
Posture Coordination Focus Boundaries
Benefits for Adults and Seniors include:
Health Appearance Performance Longevity
Physical Fitness Weight Control Endurance Joint Strength
Wellness Muscle Tone Confidence Flexibility
Stress Reduction Posture Mental Focus Circulation
Presence Radiance Energy Level Peace of Mind
Self-Defense Positive Mindset Balance

United Kung Fu has programs suitable for Families, Women, Men and Children, from 4 to 94! Classes are scheduled every evening and Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedules. We also offer a special tuition structured for families to enable them to train together at a reasonable cost.

To ensure that our prospective students understand who we are, and what they can gain in training at United Kung Fu, we offer them a complimentary Orientation, Goal Setting Conference, and Beginning Lesson. Many years of experience has shown us that this process is the best way to introduce potential new students to our academy and ensure that our academy is the best place for them. So contact us today to schedule your complimentary lesson!

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