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  • Students of All Ages

    All of our classes are structured to meet the needs of students of all ages (4-94) and abilities.

  • Self-Mastery

    The greater the goal, the more a student accomplishes in their stretch for excellence and Self-Mastery. Here students are doing straight legged stretch kicks as part of a warm up for a graduation ceremony.
  • Life Skills

    Focus, Courage, Persistent Action, Balance and Creativity are only some of the life skills our students train to enhance their lives and the lives of their families. In this picture are some of the future leaders that we have trained at our academy.
  • Habits for Success

    Attention to detail is essential for a successful life. This picture shows Master Instructor Jerry Dibble training one of our future leaders to help her develop the habits and mindset necessary for success.
  • Focused Mind

    Training Kung Fu demands the student develops a strong focus, which then transfers to an enhanced ability to focus on the tasks at hand in other parts of their lives. In this picture, students are training in the first section of Northern Shaolin Longfist.
  • Build Strength

    Building physical strength and strength of character, one Black Belt at a time. Here the students are arrow fist punching while in a horse stance during a Black Belt Graduation.

  • Balance and Self-Control

    Training Physical Balance and Self-Control lead to a more balanced life emotionally, mentally and physically. Stop the roller coaster and take back control of your life. This is White Crane Spreads Its Wings from Yang Style Tai Chi.
  • Achieve Success

    Students hone and refine their self-defense applications on the Body Opponent Bags and the Wooden Men to help them develop the ability to overcome obstacles in their lives and achieve success in all their endeavors
  • Health and Longevity

    Master Instructor Jerry Dibble teaches the Delta Certified Instructor Trainees the seated Tai Chi & Wellness protocols for Health and Longevity. Tai Chi has been shown to have numerous benefits to student’s physical and mental well being.


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Welcome to United Kung Fu!

At United Kung Fu, we help our Students develop, hone, and refine the skills needed to deal effectively with the challenges and complexities of everyday life on their path to Self-Mastery.

Our Students’ lives are enriched and enhanced through their training in the following ways:

  • Positive behavioral changes & leadership skills
  • Increased attention to courtesy & respect
  • Bolstered self-confidence & self-image
  • Improved focus & productivity at work & school
  • Better health, vitality, flexibility and physical conditioning. (Click to see more benefits)

Benefits for Children include:
Self-Confidence Physical Fitness Self-Discipline Self-Defense
Self-Esteem Weight Control Concentration Safety
Assertiveness Strength Respect Confidence
Posture Coordination Focus Boundaries
Benefits for Adults and Seniors include:
Health Appearance Performance Longevity
Physical Fitness Weight Control Endurance Joint Strength
Wellness Muscle Tone Confidence Flexibility
Stress Reduction Posture Mental Focus Circulation
Presence Radiance Energy Level Peace of Mind
Self-Defense Positive Mindset Balance

United Kung Fu has programs suitable for Families, Women, Men and Children, from 4 to 94! Classes are scheduled every evening and Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedules. We also offer a special tuition structured for families to enable them to train together at a reasonable cost.

To ensure that our prospective students understand who we are, and what they can gain in training at United Kung Fu, we offer them a complimentary Orientation, Goal Setting Conference, and Beginning Lesson. Many years of experience has shown us that this process is the best way to introduce potential new students to our academy and ensure that our academy is the best place for them. So contact us today to schedule your complimentary lesson!


  • Kristen Chua Red Belt, First Stripe

    I used to have tons of problems trying to focus myself and concentrate while doing things, but no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to be working. But of course I remember one of my favorite childhood movies - Karate Kid! So, my parents allowed me to try out kung fu (they soon joined me) to see if it could help me get better focused on my tasks. Then, we all saw it! There was a whole lot of new changes that were definitely for the better and I was finally able to concentrate on my studies and such. Kung fu has helped me so much, and still is, and now I can do so many more things better now.

    Ever since I got hit in the head with a softball and received a concussion thereafter, my family and friends have been somewhat worried about me. That I'd maybe be far too scared after that incident. And, to be completely honest, I was squeamish and jumped a lot at any quick movements especially during sports or PE. But now that I do kung fu at UKF, I've regained my confidence and my family and friends don't worry about me as much. And since my parents have joined me, my mom is getting stronger every time. (See used to not even bear at least five minutes) and my dad as well!

    I'd say got for it! If you think you will be breaking boards all the time, don't worry about it! You won't have to do that at all. Instead you lear how to really be able to defend yourself in a variety of circumstances by learning many kinds of methods and techniques.

  • Laurie Heeley Assistant Instructor, First Degree Black Belt

    After battling cancer, I enrolled in kung fu for longevity purposes. My lungs were damaged from the chemo and my cardio pulmonary was 12 years older than my actual age. I did many different forms exercise to get back in shape and to improve my breathing...hiking, yoga, boot camp, running, etc. I even tried a sprint triathlon. After doing kung fu for one year, my cardio pulmonary improved by two years. After my second year of kung fu, my cardio pulmonary improved by four more years. That is a six year improvement in just two years. Amazing!!! My kung fu practice shows up in all facets of my life... family, friends work, and play. It has been most impactful on my family. They see my improved health and physical/mental abilities. Enough so that some of them are now training too. My grandchildren love to play kung fu with me and are inspired to continue the legacy. I highly recommend United Kung Fu. You will get so much more out of training than you expect. When you thing kung fu, you think discipline and exercise, but it's MUCH MORE. The instructors, environment, and training are exceptional. You will feel it when you walk in.
  • Marsha Malin Assistant Instructor, First Degree Black Belt

    I came home one afternoon to find my home burglarized. That experience spurred me to seek out some self-defense training. Being a senior citizen I wasn't sure where to go or if I'd be accepted. I discovered United Kung Fu had programs to fit all ages. I've been training now for several years and have attained my 1st Degree Black Belt and working toward my 2nd degree. As a result of my training, I'm stronger in mind, body & spirit and doing things I never dreamed I could do. I enjoy being a part of their leadership program and having opportunities to give back to this beautiful community. My family is very proud of the progress I am making and what I'm able to accomplish. However, my biggest supporter is my husband as he has seen the positive changes in my health and activity level. Also, other family members have been motivated to join me in training at United Kung Fu. Martial arts training is good for individuals of all ages. It is also a wholesome activity for families to do together. The instructors at United Kung Fu are knowledgeable, patient, and caring. They are there to help you achieve your goals and inspire you to go beyond what you think you can do. I highly recommend United Kung Fu.
  • Tanner Furst Green Belt, Second Stripe

    My person victory story is when I was starting the Black Belt Program. I was nervous if I could learn the forms right. I have realized I have learned a lot so far, and I can wait each day to be learning more.

    I got my brother in UKF and I got to have more respect from other by standing tall with more confidence and treating other people with respect.

    I would say you should join. It is a lot of fun and you learn mental and physical strength, also life lessons you carry on with you forever.

  • Chanel Wajand Red Belt, Fourth Stripe

    Training for me is a come stress reliever. I sometimes jog at night with my kids. We live in a great neighborhood, but just knowing how to defend myself should anything happen gives me ease of mind a bit. The benefits are infinite. I highly recommend.
  • Melanie Lane MD 2nd Degree Instructor

    I have gained confidence and leadership skills that served me in and outside out the school. I feel better prepared to protect myself and my family.

    As I have become more confident, dependable, committed, and respectful of myself and others, these qualities have rubbed off on my family as well.

    If you are looking for a program that not only keeps you physically fit but also encourages you to evolve and grow personally UKF is for you

  • Morgan Myers Red Belt, Fourth Stripe

    Kung fu training makes me strong and give me courage. My friends all go WOW! It is a lot of fun, and you will enjoy it.

  • Doug Myers Blue Belt 1st Stripe

    Swimming in open water can be an anxiety filled event. When I fell anxious swimming far from shore, I focus on the tiger life skill repeating the poem "The path to self mastery, requires a courageous heat. A courageous hearts shows strength in the face of fear. I face the fear and push through it.

    I always make sure I begin conversations inquiring how the other person is doing.

    The training is a great balance of mental and physical training.

  • Kyleigh Reese Black Belt

    Kung fu has definitely changed my life for the better. I was five years old when I started. At first I thought I wasn't going to like it, but it grew on me after a while. I slowly climbed my way up to a black belt first degree, second chevron. After that I started doing other sports, and I broke my arm. So I took a break for about a year. Then after a while I wanted to start again, so now I am training at UKF walking the road of success.

    I have definitely been more fit and that has encouraged all of my friends to become more active as well. I have the knowledge of protecting myself at school, so boys beware. It has led me down a great path that I hope to continue overall. Kung fu made me a better person and I inspire my friends to be better and bolder every day.

    I would tell them to do for it and leap at the opportunity. Kung fu is great, FUN way to stay active and learn hot to protect yourself. You get to me new people, and make friends. It is a great environment to learn in and if they want to, definitely go for it. I love it and I think they would love it as well.

  • Frances Franey Blue Belt 1st Stripe

    A person victory for me has been the level of achievements I have made in my training so far that I would never imagine possible.

    My kung fu training has allowed me to experience a greater inner peace and focus which has allowed a more purposeful relation with my family.

    The training I have received at United Kung Fu has been unbelievable, in no small part due to the dedication, experience, patience and kindness shared by the instructors to the students.

  • Paul O'Neill First Degree Black Belt

    It was dark, raining hard and the power had gone out...Awesome! And the fuse box is on the outside of the house...Great!
    So out to the fuse box I go, in the rain, flashlight in hand to reset the fuse box. I crouched down to open the breaker box close to the ground and get to work resetting the switch as quickly as possible. But when I was done, I found myself unable to stand back up. Crouched in the pouring rain I remember thinking consciously to get up, but physically nothing was happening. So I had to kneel down on all fours in the wet grass. (Did I mention I was in my robe also?) I supported myself on the house I got back to a standing position. My knees just could not lift the weight of my body and I was only 47 at the time. YIKES! I remember looking around to see if anyone saw this pitiful display in my front yard. I enrolled in United Kung Fu the next day! I realized the situation was unacceptable yet I knew it was reversible. I'm now 51 and with the help of all the instructors as well as many students the provide constant inspiration and motivation, I have since lost weight, regained much of the strength I had in my youth, earned my black belt in kung fu, and currently working on my second degree and have in many ways reversed or at least slowed aging process. I constantly see people young and old who inspire me as they progress towards their goals, and I now desire to help them do just that. Kung fu is not about defeating people. It's about enabling people and I for one count that as one of my greatest successes.

    When people observe positive changes physically, mentally, spiritually in other people, they usually start to become curious about how theses changes have taken place. As a result, those people become more aware that if you can do it, well then maybe they can do it also. Personally I've seen the effect of that old saying that says "a rising tide raises all boats"

    Don't wait. The benefits will reveal themselves right away, and will continue to reveal themselves as you continue to train. There are only good things, and good people waiting for you to begin.

  • Kai Doyle Black Shirt (Little Tiger)

    Before my training, I couldn't do push ups. Because of my training, I can now do eleven good push ups before I get tired.

    My family has noticed a big difference in my manners, my effort, and my discipline. My parents see that what I learn in training I use at home.

    It is fun, and we learn to defend ourselves. Our training teaches me how not to hurt myself. The instructors are helpful, very nice, and patient with us.

  • Monty & Adyan Ikram White Belt / White Shirt

    Adyan achieved his white belt in four weeks. He listens more now. I checked out four kung fu schools. This is definitely the best in the area.
  • Kevin Kon Blue Belt

    Before kung fu, I was a triathlete and left that sport. I was looking for another sport to participate in. As a kid, I did some martial arts training, and thought I would give kung fu a try. I'm so glad I found United Kung Fu. I found a suitable replacement. I found a home.

    Stress levels are much lower. As a Certified Instructor trainee, I have been learning to teach. A lot of the lessons I learn here are transferable to my job and home life.

    Don't hesitate to give this a try. The instructors here are knowledgeable, kind, and never talk down to the students.

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